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Building Better Body Image

How is Body Image Created - Jealousy, Comparison & Judgment - Self Talk, Thoughts & Feeling - Stereotypes & Identity - Understand Yourself Better - Connect With Who You Are - Secrets to Better Body Image
Building Better Body Image

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Oct. 19, 6:30 p.m.
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About the Event

This workshop intends to show teens how to find value in who they are, how to oversome daily challenges and discover what makes them unique and what inspires them to be who they are.  The workshop presenters will share personal experiences to demonstrate real life examples of what they are teaching. Many simple and practical tools will be shared to encourage teens to develop creative ways to support themselves and inspire them to uncover their greatness. 

Alison Dalgity from Dalgity Resilience:  has been a personal trainer since 2007. Following her own weight loss success, she felt compelled to help others that were living through the same struggles she experienced throughout her life. Alison is certified in Personal Training and is now passing on her knowledge of healthy living and weight loss. She specializes in helping clients build self-confidence while assisting them on their weight loss journey.

Kristy Wood-Giles from Out of the Woodz:  was a recreational athlete, personal trainer, natural nutritionist and life coach, who loved being active and in the outdoors.  But, through years of misdiagnosis, went from running an Ironman to barely being able to walk and fulfill her job duties.  Wood-Giles was on a hike where she was exposed to several ticks, one in particular that badly infected her with Lyme and other co-infections. Since recovering from what many considered an incurable, chronic illness, she now coaches and motivates many on overcoming the impossible and finding natural balance in their lives. 

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